JOEYCouture - Asst Station Manager/Art Director/Diva

There is no one right way to define the tenacity that is Joey Couture. His eclectic love for various genres of music keeps our listeners on their toes, as his shows are always a surprise and a party. At times his playlist will make a shift without question, and he makes it work no matter the material. From Britney Spears to the electronic metal alternative sounds of Rob Zombie, Joey's personal music library expands to almost all reaches of the universe. You will also find that he has a talent for audio production. From voice recordings, to editing and mastering; he's got a knack for it all.
He is also a host of a number of shows including Eyes On and Google Plus Hangout, Patch Notes. Joey also enjoys online and old school table top gaming. Whether it is World of Warcraft or Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, he's likely up for anything at least once.
If you're looking for a dance-floor with a mosh-pit to boot, than take a chance and tune into Joey Couture on The Dark.

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