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Listen With Help

Listen Help --

Media Players:
We highly recommend using Winamp or VLC media player. Both are free programs and very easy to use.

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player:

Some users are reporting issues with the Windows Media Player link. The link has been tested on multiple machines and works on nearly every machine. If you are dead set on using WMP try this:

1. Click the WMP icon on the website

2. Update WMP even if you are running the latest edition

3. Click the WMP icon again on the website.

If you are still having problems you may want to consider using the last link in the Listen With: section. It is a web port link for listening in through a browser.

The better option though would be to download a lightweight media player such as GOM Player, WinAmp, or Windows Media Player Classic (with accompanying klite codec pack) as those options will take far less memory running than Windows Media Player will allowing you to run other programs while you listen.

Mobile Options

The Iphone link has been tested on multiple iPhone models. It brings up Quicktime player and should just start playing. If your Iphone is giving you issues, download the free Shoutcast app from the app store and that should resolve the issue. The Soutcast App is only to make sure certain libraries are loaded on the iPhone and will not be used actively.

The Android link does require an app as Android OS on mobile phones does not seem to properly support streaming, which is ok since it makes the OS lighter and some people may not want to stream from their cell phones. Get the XiiaLive Lite app from here; click on the Android logo on The Dark's website, click the downloaded playlist in your notification bar, and tell it to load with XiiaLive Lite.